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Programs offered at TWLC of Warren are designed for enrichment for students in need of additional academic and creative challenges beyond those introduced in today’s traditional classrooms. 

TWLC was the dream of the late Barb Henke, founder of TWLC of Basking Ridge. Today, we continue to deliver and expand the original language arts program of our TWLC founder with a rich program taught by experienced and passionate teachers. In our premiere Total Language Arts program, our solid emphasis on the foundation of effective writing skills permeates all subject areas in all courses at all grade levels. Our students master the rudiments of communication in order to develop and extend the habits of analytical readers and reflective writers. Our long range goal is to cultivate a student’s curiosity, creativity, and inquisitiveness for learning across the curriculum.

In 2020, we expanded our offering to include support and enrichment in mathematics and science. Our STEM teachers provide personalized tutoring for students in upper elementary, middle and high school on a range of subjects, from the basics of mathematics to AP Biology. Ongoing sessions or as-needed support are all available. Through the growth of our online offerings, we are proud to share that we have worked with students across the U.S.

Our teaching staff consists entirely of NJ certified teachers who hold Bachelors and Masters Degrees in their subject areas and/or education. This wealth of experience better serves students who invest time and effort in TWLC of Warren’s programs.

As one of our elementary students recently told me, “You helped me bloom.” For those parents who believe their students also need to bloom, recommit, or revamp their approach to learning, the new year may be the perfect time to make a change. If so, please feel free to contact Owner/Director Julie Salthouse at or (908) 397-8964. We would be happy to discuss your child’s needs and explain details of our enrichment programs.

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